Redeemer Church of Chesapeake


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to help redesign my home church’s web presence.

Redeemer of Chesapeake gave me full reign to do whatever I felt would look best. With nothing to go on but a very cool logo (by Lael Moreland) and some will power (and a little inspiration from Mint Themes’ Moses) I created what you see here today.

From first glance you might think that a lot of the design work was already done by the great fellows at Mint Themes. Well, sorta.. Mint Themes’ Moses was a great starter parent theme, but it was missing some very important elements that I wanted to add:

  • Responsiveness
  • Static Menu
  • A usable calendar system
  • some sortable sermons.. etc.

Also it’s base code was very..  blocky.

It took a little work and a lot of time, but I think the site turned out great! It is by far one of my favorites thus far in my career.

This site was a great challenge and really helped me to test out a nice static navigation bar that changes as you scroll.

Redeemer has been one of the most pleasant sites I’ve had the pleasure of working on!

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June 1, 2014