"Can you hear me now?"

A new scam affecting credit cards has been reported, where a “robo-call” connects, the person at the other end mumbles something, then apologizes, and says “My name is <whatever> with the service department.  Can you hear okay me now?”

If you get that call, DON’T ANSWER IT!  It’s another credit card scam.A few weeks later you see an unauthorized payment on your credit card bill.  You call the company to dispute the charge, only to find out they have a recording where you are asked “Do you authorize payment to credit card number <whatever> to which you answered “Yes”.  The claim, of course, is that you have authorized the call, and allowed the transaction.

These are called “robocalls” and actually are illegal. For more information about suggested action against this type of scam – visit the Consumer Information on the Federal Trade Commission Site.  

Be alert of anything that appears fishy! These days, it’s a must!

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