Digital Evolution: The Rise of Mike's Country Meats' Online Storefront

Mike's Country Meats, nestled in the heart of Tigerton, Wisconsin, has become synonymous with high-quality beef jerky over the years. This local venture gradually unfolded its wings into the digital realm, extending its scrumptious offerings to a broader audience. This case study delves into the digital voyage of Mike's Country Meats from its initial online presence in 2015 to its well-established digital storefront in 2022. The narrative unfolds how strategic digital overhauls, complemented by engaging email campaigns, propelled a significant surge in revenue and customer engagement.

Initial Digital Footprint (2015)


The year 2015 marked the inception of Mike's Country Meats' digital journey with a simplistic, user-friendly website. This online platform aimed at offering a digital storefront for the burgeoning clientele, enabling them to browse through and purchase an array of beef jerky products.

Online Sales Initiation

The nascent digital venture saw a modest beginning, with a yearly gross sale amounting to $8,447.00, average monthly sales at $703.92, and a total of 128 orders placed. This phase was critical as it set the digital cornerstone for future expansions.

Reviews from platforms like Facebook began to trickle in, revealing a growing appreciation for the high-quality meats offered. Customers commended not just the quality of Jerky but the personable service provided by Mike and the team, indicating a positive initial customer reception.

Despite its modest start, this year laid down the digital infrastructure that would foster exponential growth in the ensuing years.

Iterative Improvements (2016-2018)

The subsequent years post the digital inception witnessed a series of iterative improvements to the online platform of Mike's Country Meats. With a basic digital infrastructure already in place, the focus shifted towards enhancing the user experience, optimizing the website for better performance, and expanding the online product catalog.

Increasing Online Orders

The impact of these refinements became apparent as early as 2016. The yearly gross sales saw a remarkable increase of over 787% from the previous year, with the average monthly sales and total orders placed following suit. This upward trajectory continued through to 2018, with the total orders placed experiencing a growth of over 10 times compared to the initial figures of 2015 for both average monthly sales and yearly gross income.

The data was indicative of a growing trust and an escalating customer base, fostered by the digital enhancements and the consistent quality of products offered. The platform was not only attracting more visitors but was successful in converting these visits into sales.

Moreover, reviews from online platforms continued to echo the positive sentiment towards the quality of beef jerky and the ease of transaction on the website. The iterative improvements, although subtle, played a quintessential role in setting the stage for more substantial digital transformations that awaited in the subsequent years.

This period of continuous digital refinement was emblematic of the brand’s commitment to improving the customer journey, which in turn, was reflected in the increasing sales figures.

Major Website Redesign and Email Campaigns Initiation (2019)

mcm-2019 redesign

2019 ushered in a significant phase of digital evolution for Mike's Country Meats. This year was marked by a major website redesign, which leaned into the playful and cartoony cow artwork that had been a hallmark of their logo and branding. The aesthetic wasn't just confined to the logo; it was expansively integrated across the website, adding a whimsical and engaging element to the user experience. Additionally, this year also saw the initiation of targeted email marketing campaigns, aiming to forge a stronger connection with the existing customer base.

Boost in Sales and Engagement

The redesign was far from superficial; it was a strategic overhaul aimed at enhancing user engagement and simplifying the online shopping experience. The playful branding, complemented by movement and subtle animations on the homepage, added a layer of liveliness to the site, making the online browsing and shopping experience more enjoyable.

The revamping wasn't just limited to aesthetic enhancements. The WooCommerce storefront underwent a significant revamp to become more user-friendly. The restructured storefront now allowed customers to navigate through the product offerings with ease, find detailed information about each product, and proceed through the checkout process seamlessly.

On the other hand, the initiation of email campaigns created a channel for personalized communication with customers. The emails kept customers informed about new product arrivals, special offers, and other brand-related updates. This dual strategy of website redesign and email marketing significantly contributed to a boost in online engagement, sales, and customer loyalty.

The synergy between the playful, user-centric website design and personalized email outreach resulted in a substantial uptick in online orders and revenue. This period marked a significant step towards creating a delightful and seamless online shopping experience, which not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also positively impacted the revenue streams.

These efforts led to another record-setting year for their online revenue. 

Navigating Through Unprecedented Times (2020)

The year 2020 brought forth unforeseen challenges with the arrival of the global pandemic. However, it also accelerated the shift towards online shopping, presenting an opportunity for Mike's Country Meats to further solidify its digital presence.

Surge in Online Sales

As the global circumstances drove more people to shop online, Mike's Country Meats witnessed a surge in online sales. The well-structured and user-friendly digital platform, honed over the previous years, now served as a reliable and enjoyable channel for customers to continue purchasing their favorite beef jerky. The whimsical branding and streamlined shopping experience resonated well with customers, providing a sense of familiarity and ease during uncertain times.

Moreover, the ongoing email campaigns played a pivotal role in keeping the connection with the customers alive, informing them about the operational status, safety measures implemented, and enticing offers to encourage online shopping. The emails not only acted as a bridge of communication but also as a means to drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

The brand’s ability to maintain a robust online presence and ensure seamless customer experience, despite the global disruptions, reflected a resilient and adaptive digital strategy. This period underscored the importance of a well-curated digital platform and consistent communication in navigating through the challenges and capitalizing on the digital shopping trend.

The scenario also set the stage for exploring new avenues of digital engagement and laying down plans for sustained growth in the subsequent years.

Sustained Growth (2021-2022)

Post the tumultuous yet opportunistic year of 2020, Mike's Country Meats continued on a path of sustained growth. The digital foundations laid in the preceding years, coupled with the experiences garnered during the pandemic, steered the brand towards further optimizing its online platform and customer engagement strategies.

Consistent Online Orders

The years 2021 and 2022 saw a steady inflow of online orders, a testament to the brand's resilient digital infrastructure and the enduring trust from its customer base. The aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness of the website, along with the engaging email campaigns, continued to foster a loyal customer base. The whimsical branding remained a hit, resonating well with the audience and adding a unique flavor to the online shopping experience.

The brand didn’t rest on its laurels; instead, it continually sought to enhance the digital experience. Efforts were directed towards fine-tuning the WooCommerce storefront, optimizing website performance, and ensuring the email campaigns remained engaging and relevant to the customers.

Furthermore, the brand explored new avenues of digital engagement, looking towards social media channels and other online platforms to broaden its reach and foster a community around its offerings.

The sustained growth during these years underscored the brand's ability to adapt, optimize, and continue on a growth trajectory despite the changing digital landscape. It also spotlighted the importance of maintaining a consistent and engaging digital presence to nurture customer loyalty and drive sales.

Steady As She Goes (2023)


As of October 2023, the narrative of growth and digital enhancement continues to be the hallmark of Mike's Country Meats' online presence. The brand has not only managed to sustain the momentum but has also witnessed a further uptick in its revenue, which now stands at an astounding figure, reflecting a growth of nearly 30-fold since 2015.

Continued Digital Refinement

The remarkable revenue increase can be attributed to the ongoing efforts in refining the online platform. Minor updates aimed at improving conversion rates and user experience have been a constant endeavor. One notable update has been the addition of a dark mode feature on the website, catering to a broader spectrum of user preferences and ensuring a comfortable browsing experience irrespective of the time of day.

Moreover, the brand has maintained a proactive approach towards analyzing user behavior and feedback to identify areas for improvement. The insights derived have been instrumental in making informed decisions on further optimizations, ensuring the platform remains user-centric and in sync with evolving digital trends.

The commitment to continual digital refinement not only signifies the brand’s dedication to delivering an enhanced user experience but also sets a solid groundwork for more substantial redesigns slated for 2024. The horizon looks promising as Mike's Country Meats gears up for the next phase of digital transformation with a well-established online presence and a loyal customer base as its strong pillars.

Unfolding the Digital Milestones: A Recapitulation

The journey of Mike's Country Meats from 2015 to 2023 epitomizes the transformative potential of a well-orchestrated digital strategy. Starting with a simplistic website, the brand meticulously evolved its digital presence to a vibrant, user-centric online storefront, complemented by engaging email campaigns and continual platform refinements. The narrative illustrates a notable trajectory of growth, with revenue in 2023 soaring to nearly 30-fold compared to the modest beginnings in 2015.

Each phase of digital enhancement, whether it was the major redesign in 2019 or the minor updates for better conversion and user experience in subsequent years, was guided by a clear understanding of customer preferences and emerging digital commerce trends. The brand's ability to adapt, as seen in the intuitive updates like the dark mode feature, underscores a forward-thinking approach in creating a delightful online shopping experience.

Moreover, the brand's resilience and adaptive strategy during the global pandemic, and its continuous efforts towards digital refinement, highlight a compelling narrative of how digital adaptability and customer-centric approaches significantly contribute to business success.

Future Outlook

As Mike's Country Meats steps forward, the horizon is teeming with opportunities for further digital enhancement. The steadfast growth and the insights gathered over the years provide a solid foundation for exploring new digital marketing avenues and enhancing customer engagement. The hint at more substantial redesigns in 2024 suggests a brand that is not complacent but is keen on leveraging the digital platform for sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

Building upon the strong digital foundation and the loyal customer base, Mike's Country Meats is well-positioned to embrace the next phase of digital transformation, reach a wider audience, and continue delivering high-quality products through a platform that resonates with its playful and customer-friendly brand persona.

The case study of Mike's Country Meats offers a rich narrative on the profound impact of a well-strategized digital transition on a traditional business, shedding light on the pathway for other enterprises aspiring to thrive in the digital marketplace.

One Last Thing!

The remarkable digital evolution of Mike's Country Meats is a shining testimony to the expertise and dedicated partnership of Zealous Sites in collaboration with Valley-Technologies. Since the inception of Mike's digital voyage, Marcus, the developer behind the initial website build, has been a steadfast architect in nurturing and evolving the online platform.

Today, as the primary project manager of both Zealous Sites and Valley-Technologies, as well as the sole developer, Marcus continues to infuse a blend of visionary strategy and technical prowess into the digital fabric of Mike's Country Meats. The sustained growth, engaging online presence, and the ever-evolving digital enhancements of Mike's Country Meats are a tangible testament to the bespoke digital solutions and enduring partnership offered by Zealous Sites.

As we gaze upon the horizon filled with more digital milestones for Mike's Country Meats, the narrative underscores the quintessence of a tailored, committed, and expert digital partnership. Businesses aiming to carve a remarkable digital footprint, foster customer loyalty, and drive substantial growth need to look no further than the exemplary digital journey orchestrated by Zealous Sites and Valley-Technologies for Mike's Country Meats. 

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