They keep trying to break in, and someday they may succeed.

Door locks, alarms, barking dogs, motion detector lights, etc., do NOT make watching2your home “burglar-proof”, but will more likely deter someone from breaking in, and chase them off.

More and more of our clients have asked for our assistance with locking the doors, and setting off alarms when an intruder attempts to get in, and we are succeeding in keeping them out!

Many of our clients have now implented recommended security procedures, and our reports show that they are working.  Just in the last 30 days, just 15 of the clients that have have logged over 1,300 attempted (and failed) website login attempts, 149 “brute force attacks” (where a “robot” attempted more than 20 times within a minute to login), and almost 1,100 IP addresses that are now locked out of that server due to too many failed logins.

Most of these clients are small businesses, supposedly with nothing that thehacker2 attackers could really use, but just the same, aren’t authorized to be there and are for sure up to no good, and have been rejected.

Let us know if Valley Technologies can to help keep intruders out of your website!


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