A Senior’s Perspective: Wearing a Mask, Yes or No

While other countries don’t appear to have this dilemma with wearing a mask;  the USA continues to argue the topic.  Is it because of our freedom to choose, while other countries are not as fortunate? (Probably not).


Is it our right not to wear a mask, for whatever reason we may have.  When does your right to choose not to wear a mask, infringe on my right to wear one?  Does your choice then become a danger to me and others? Wearing a mask is not comfortable, but having the virus is much worse.  As a survivor of the virus, I would not want anyone to go through it.  And of course, I pray I don’t get it again. 


Are we arguing about public health and safety or has it become a political pawn?  The CDC says if every individual wears a mask, this will slow the spread of Covid 19 dramatically.  That, to me, seems to make sense. If I wear a mask and cough; the mask works as a barrier against my germs traveling as far to infect you and if you do the same, then your germs will be contained within a smaller radius as well. 

So this is a public health and safety issue, not a rights issue. If we want to get control of this pandemic, everyone needs to get on the mask bandwagon and stop arguing and start working together.

Why Is This Political?

With all this arguing over mask-wearing, it seems to have become a political soapbox…  This is crazy thinking, in my opinion. COVID-19 has no political agenda here.  It doesn’t care what party, if any, you identify with.  It will go into any home, church, or business where people are not protecting themselves against it.  There is no political gain for either side to claim ownership of the virus. It’s more like a game of “hot potato”.

Each side blaming the other side for the cause of it and no one really wants it.  So then, why not all sides come together and see it as it is, a virus that has reached epidemic proportions.

Who’s At Risk?

We are all at risk, some more than others.  It is not true if you get the virus once you will not get it again.  When it first started, its target audience was those of senior age and compromised immune systems.

As time passed, it continued to manifest into stronger strains; therefore targeting a larger population.  Deliberately exposing yourself to this deadly virus, is again, crazy thinking. 

There is no vaccine from it, as of yet.  No one knows what the lasting effects of contracting it are.  So why would you risk your current health, and potentially your future health with intentional self-exposure? 


It is our responsibility to ourselves, our family and friends, and the stranger down the street, to not purposely spread COVID-19. So it is our responsibility to ourselves and others to wear a mask and follow the safety guidelines put forth by the CDC and our government leaders.  But is that our only responsibility?

Business Owner’s Responsiblities

What about the responsibility as a business owner.  Guidelines have been put into place for businesses as well.  Many business owners are feeling a big financial pinch at this time.  Struggling to stay open.  Trying not to lay off staff, while still maintaining the safety of their customers.

Many business owners are now in the process of making outdoor areas for their patrons to gather.  The addition of outdoor seating for dining and visiting is the hope that this will help keep their customers safer and encourage their future patronage. This comes on the heels of their already severely stressed budget. 

And then, there are other businesses that ignore the guidelines and continue to operate “business as usual” for as long as they can. In the course of operating in this fashion, they will have employees sickened and be forced to close for a quarantine period of time.

I respect those business owners that are going above and beyond to protect me and others from the COVID-19 outbreak.  I say “thank you” and I will remember what you have done. 

In the future I will definitely choose their business over the non-compliant business, to give my patronage. I want them to know just how much I appreciate what they are doing for me during this difficult time in our country’s history. 

And while I know they don’t have to do the extra things they are doing, I am thankful that it is being done.


So as a country with many freedoms, one being the freedom to choose, why not choose for the health and welfare of all?  No one really wants others to get sick.  I refuse to believe that a person would choose for their neighbor to be sickened with COVID-19 intentionally.

Do we feel we are invincible to a deadly virus?  That “I am strong and healthy, so it won’t hit me”  Or “well if I get it, I get it. It’s not a big deal”.

Why must we argue over a concept that will slow the spread of this pandemic?  It couldn’t be simpler. 

Why do we feel the need to point fingers, name-calling, and taking sides? 

Why has this become a political pawn? Is it because we feel the need to control everything? Since it’s very difficult to control something that we cannot see, we need to find something tangible?


I strongly support wearing a mask.  As a person that has survived COVID-19 once, I choose to do all I can to protect myself and all those around me.  I choose not to contract it again, if at all possible.

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