How To Install Google Chrome

The age of the great browser wars of the 2000s is over. Chrome won. With a total market share of over 80%, Chrome has become the browser that most people are using (and loving). If you’re still stuck in the 90s on Internet Explorer or 2000s on Firefox, then this is more than a How-To. This is a plea from a web developer. Please, please, please use Google Chrome instead. You’ll love it. It’s just better. Here’s why.

Why Do You Need Google Chrome

It’s Secure

The internet is a scary place, but Chrome makes it a little safer for everyone. It’s easy for people to lump Google in with other tech giants like Facebook and say that it’s not secure. The fact is, however, that it is the most secure browser on the web. Period.

In fact, if you do find yourself taking that risky-click, Chrome will alert you that you made a mistake before you’re actually infected or exposed to whatever was behind that red wall of spook.

Not only did Google build that feature into their browser, but they have a whole blog about security here!

It’s Easy

Chrome is so easy! Done are the days of going to your web browser and typing “” so that you can search for whatever you’re looking for. In Chrome, you can just google straight from the address bar. It’s so convenient and will save you tons of time! To be fair, in 2020 this feature is pretty much across the board, but I’m still going to include it here anyway. :)

It’s Speedy

Chrome is fast. Like super fast. Firefox is a major contender here though. Depending on the month, Firefox may actually be the faster browser. The competition between these two is really strong (and great for us!) Even when Chrome isn’t the fastest browser, it’s still super speedy!

Chrome is regularly updating with speed, security, and memory management in mind. Gone are the days of Chrome crashing because you had too many tabs open (mostly). Every update they push out is a big step forward and I’m happy to say that it’s been a long while since my browser tabs have crashed. :) And I consistently have over 10 open at one time.

It’s Popular

Google Chrome currently holds over 80% of web traffic according to That’s insane. The only browser ever to have more web traffic than Google Chrome is Internet Explorer back in the 90s when it was literally the only good option. Check out my post on why IE is hot garbage now though.

It’s Portable

There’s an app for that! Google Chrome can be downloaded on your iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, and iPad in addition to your desktop. This level of cross-platform compatibility can take your productivity to a whole new level.

It’s Migratable

Migrating from your current browser over to Chrome is easy! You just install and run a few prompts and you’re good to go!

It’s Updated Often

Google Chrome is updated ALL THE TIME. That’s such good news for us users. This means that their team is constantly improving the browser; making it faster, more secure, more user-friendly, and more resource-friendly. And when I say all the time, I mean it’s being updated multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. These updates are often small and happen automatically so you don’t even notice.

It’s Powerful

Chrome is powerful enough to be its own operating system. That’s not hyperbole either. You can literally buy Chromebooks that are just laptops that only run Chrome. I bought one recently and I was honestly super surprised by how useful it was!

It’s Expandable

Extensions are great! I wrote a post recently on how to install ad-blockers, which are mostly browser extensions. Chrome has thousands of extensions that can improve your productivity on just about anything you can think of. Some of my favorites are AdBlock Plus, LastPass, HubSpot, and Soapbox! There are so many great ones out there.


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Chrome is free, it’s currently better than your current browser on nearly every metric, and it’s super easy to install.

How To Install Google Chrome

Step 1 – Google It

Step 1 for this, as it is for so many things in 2020, is just Google it. I’ll save you the trip to google though. The link you’re looking for takes you here:

Step 2 – Download It

On this page, you’ll just click the big blue button that says “Download Chrome.

A notification will pop up that asks you to accept their TOS. Check that box and press “Accept and Install.”

If you’re installing from Edge, you’ll get a notification that looks like this. Press “Run.”

Step 3 – Install It

If the download worked, you should have a file in your downloads folder called “ChromeSetup.exe.” You can reach that file by either clicking “Run” when prompted by your browser, or by going to your downloads folder and running the file from there.

You will then be given on-screen prompts that walk you through the installation. Just keep pushing next until it’s installed. It’s really straight forward from this point.

Once complete, press close and Chrome should open up to show you your new browser!

Getting Started With Chrome

Okay, so now that Chrome is installed, you want to make this your default browser and import all of your bookmarks and settings from your previous browser into Chrome. You can also install Chrome on your mobile device, and enjoy the cross-platform syncing if you’re logged into both. Some handy links for each of these steps are above and also below.

Make Chrome Your Default Browser

Import Your Bookmarks And Settings Into Chrome

Install Chrome On Android and iOS

Turn On and Off Sync in Chrome

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