My New Workspace!

Just six short weeks ago me and Paco were working from the dining room cardboard box… You see, the wifey and myself didn’t have a whole lot of furniture after moving since our last apartment space was fully furnished and this one was not. We had a couple sturdy boxes and a lot of junk to put in them. We went about a week before most of our stuff even arrived at the apartment. The one piece of furniture that I did own was a desk and it was a pretty awesome one at that! It was sturdy, it was big and it was heavy…too heavy… I learned two things the day the truck came with our stuff:

  1. I was really going to miss my friends in Charleston
  2. Desks break if you drop them off a semi trailer.

It could have been worse though, Vicki could have forgotten all my beer in the fridge in Charleston! …Oh yeah… she did… *sigh* Okay, so the move sucked, but the apartment is at least cool, right? Eh.. not really, it’s a full bedroom less then what we had in Charleston and a full paycheck more a month in rent and utilities… all-in-all, Virginia sucks.

Good news: Because of some hook ups that I can’t really go into detail about, my apartment is the new home of a pretty rockin desk and office chair. I also added a couple new monitors to the mix and hooked up my old iMac again. Enter this handy little app and this expensive little piece of equipment and presto! A full-on workspace complete with 4 working monitors, 2 hard drives (plus a 2GB external backup), 1 keyboard and 1 mouse. I actually have 2 keyboards and 3 mice, but I only use one.

Thanks to this new set up I have seen a dramatic increase in productivity and music listening! Unfortunately it hasn’t helped my writing skills any. :)

January 2020 Update

If you’re reading this today, first off… thank you? This article is from 2012 when my wife and I, just kids ourselves, had moved across the country. We had no friends, no family, no church, nobody to count on or look to and we definitely lived in a sketchy neighborhood (which we didn’t know anything about until a few weeks after I wrote this post haha).

Things got better though! My current set up (until we move to Ohio in a few weeks), screams productivity.. or something. It screams something. haha!

These days, my set up is quite a bit different.

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