Reflections of the Season

As is our custom, here at Valley TechNologies, we take a time to reflect on the many blessings we have enjoyed over this past year.

It’s been a bit tough for many in 2017. We have seen a considerable amount of divisiveness.   There are those who have left social media altogether due to harsh and condemning communication – much that has permeated the internet.

There are many who have suffered unimaginable loss – death, destruction, disasters, dreams, or ill health.

In the midst of this, we would like to share our hope that through all life’s challenges, we might truly embrace the beauty of life, that which is so often reflected in people’s hearts at Christmas and live it in our own little corners of the world.   

In the words of Pope Francis: ” We need to build up society in the spirit of the beatitudes, walking toward the kingdom together.”  If so inclined, read on to a more modern interpretation of the beatitudes! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! 

~ Beatitudes for a Modern Day ~


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