We Moved… During a Pandemic! (Last Update)

So we did it! We actually did it! We moved from Norfolk to Columbus and wow oh wow has it been a journey.

The Journey So Far

So I won’t go over everything again since I literally just wrote a blog post on this a few weeks back. But, in short – we moved to Norfolk back in 2012. We expected to be there a few years and then get promoted out. Vicki loved her station so much in Norfolk that she took promotions in-house and we ended up staying there for 8 years and starting a family.

With heavy hearts though, in March of 2020, we had to say goodbye to our friends and church family in Norfolk and made the move back to the midwest. Now we live closer to our biological family and hopeful for better school opportunities for our children.

New Location, Same Business

So yeah! Now live in Columbus, Ohio! Same timezone, same business, same expectations. The only difference is if you were sending me checks in Norfolk (because you’re scared of sending payments online for some reason), now you’ll send them to me in Ohio. :) I covered all this in my previous post as well.

But then COVID Happened

Okay, so you might be asking “why the heck is this guy updating us on his update?” Well… COVID-19, am I right? Wow!

Moving is hard enough already, but moving cross country during a pandemic… I definitely do NOT recommend it.

We literally had someone from FedEx, UPS, or Amazon (or all 3) at our house every day for 15 days straight. And now it’s down to about every other day or twice a week. haha

To take it further, do you know how hard it is to make new friends when you move cross-country? It’s tough. Real tough. Well now imagine you’re moving cross-country and the government tells you that you can’t leave the house.

I mean… let’s be real… I wasn’t going to leave the house anyway. I like my house. It’s great! But still, it’s hard meeting new friends this way and at least now I have a pretty good excuse. :)

We made this flyer to give to people… but then never actually gave it to anyone because I didn’t want to infect people with our paper in their mailbox… I realize that that’s not super logical, but I figured that if someone got sick shortly after getting my “Hi There” flyer, logic wouldn’t matter.

Then Things Got Real

Okay, but not only that but during this crisis people we love have been heavily affected. In fact, my mom wrote a post here about how it affected her. Since then, however, she’s been tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized for the better part of two weeks. She got out today though, thank God! And she looks like she’s going to be on the road to recovery for a little while.

I just hope that everyone does what they can to help themselves and their at-risk friends and family during this international crisis.

So How Has The Move Been?

It sucks. This move has been the worst. COVID-19 has made everything way more difficult and I can’t wait for life to just go back to normal. We miss our friends. We miss our family. We are worried about my mom. We’re worried about my mother-in-law. Everything about this move has been stressful and just overall a miserable experience.


Our new house is great. The kids love it. The dogs are coping well. And I am hopeful and excited to meet our new neighbors when we can do more than just wave longingly from the window.

Oh… also Vicki has been so swamped with her own work that she hasn’t had time to proof any of these posts. So enjoy my typos and the inconsistent stream of consciousness that I’m calling Blog Posts. :)

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