The Best WordPress Form Builder Plugin: A Comprehensive Comparison

Forms are the backbone of user interaction on any website. They serve as a critical touchpoint, offering users a direct line to communicate with site owners—be it for feedback, appointments, or transactions.

Forms are essential for users to interact with a website and communicate with the site owners. They provide a means for users to provide feedback, schedule appointments, and complete transactions.

Without forms, the ability for users to directly engage with the website would be limited. Therefore, forms are considered the backbone of user interaction on any website.  

But which one is the best? Let's dig in!!

WordPress Form Capabilities

On a platform as versatile as WordPress, the right form plugin is not just an addition; it's a necessity to ensure that each user engagement is captured accurately and efficiently. A form plugin in WordPress allows users to create and manage forms on their website easily. These forms can be used for various purposes like contact forms, surveys, order forms, registration forms, etc. By having the right form plugin, users can ensure that their website visitors can interact with them and provide their information or feedback accurately and efficiently.

Here are a few reasons why having the right form plugin is necessary:

  1. User engagement: Forms are essential for user engagement as they provide a way for visitors to interact with the website owners. Whether it's submitting inquiries, giving feedback, or completing a purchase, forms enable direct communication between the user and the website owner.
  2. Accurate data collection: Using a form plugin ensures that the information submitted by users is captured accurately. Plugins often have validation features to ensure that the entered data meets the required format or criteria. This helps in maintaining data integrity and ensuring that the collected information is reliable.
  3. Customizability: Different websites have different form requirements. The right form plugin for WordPress offers a range of customization options. Users can tailor the forms to match their website's design, incorporate fields specific to their needs, and choose how they want to receive the submitted data.
  4. Integration with other tools: Many form plugins integrate with other popular services like email marketing tools, CRMs, payment gateways, etc. This allows users to automate their workflow and seamlessly transfer submitted data to other systems they use.
  5. Efficiency and time-saving: The right form plugin streamlines the process of creating and managing forms. It eliminates the need for manual coding or hiring a developer to create custom forms. Users can save time by utilizing pre-built form templates and drag-and-drop form builders to create professional-looking forms quickly.

The Importance of Forms on WordPress Sites

In the digital landscape, the functionality of your WordPress forms could be what stands between a user's engagement and their departure. It's not just about gathering information; it's about creating a seamless experience that encourages users to connect and convert, making the best WordPress form builder an essential tool for any site owner.

Introduction to Form Builder Plugins

At the heart of this user experience is the form builder plugin—a dynamic tool that integrates into your WordPress dashboard, enabling you to construct anything from a simple contact form to complex multi-page forms. These plugins simplify the form creation process, eliminating the need for coding and offering a user-friendly interface—often a drag-and-drop form builder.

Criteria for Comparison

When sifting through the plethora of form plugins, it's important to evaluate them based on several key aspects:

  • Ease of Use: The plugin should be straightforward, featuring a drag-and-drop form builder that's both intuitive and powerful.
  • Features: The best WordPress form builder should be equipped with a range of options, from diverse form fields to customizable form templates.
  • Integrations: The ability to mesh with payment processors, email marketing platforms, and CRMs is a hallmark of a form builder plugin that's built for convenience and efficiency.
  • Support: Robust support resources, from documentation to customer service, ensure that any issues you encounter with your WordPress form builder plugin can be swiftly resolved.

With these benchmarks in place, we will explore and dissect the offerings of Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Jetpack Contact Form, and HubSpot. Our goal is to unearth which builder plugin stands tall as the best WordPress form plugin for your specific needs.

We invite you to continue this journey with us as we delve deeper into the world of WordPress form builder plugins, where creating forms becomes less of a chore and more of a seamless part of your digital storytelling. If time is not on your side, and you'd prefer a professional touch, consider enlisting the services of Zealous Sites to implement the ideal form solution for you.

Stay tuned, engage with our content, and let's find the best WordPress form builder plugins together.

The Top 5 Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Exploring the various WordPress form builder plugins in depth is crucial in identifying the one that best fits your unique website needs. Each plugin offers a distinct set of features, levels of complexity, and integration capabilities that can significantly impact your site's user engagement and functionality. By examining these plugins closely, we can assess their strengths and weaknesses in real-world applications, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your site's objectives, enhances user experience, and streamlines your workflow. This careful consideration is the key to unlocking the full potential of your website's interaction with its users, making the choice of a form builder not just a technical decision but a strategic one.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms distinguishes itself as more than just a form plugin for data collection; it is a comprehensive tool that empowers users to construct intricate and sophisticated forms. This robust solution is tailored for those who seek to develop data-driven applications and complex forms within the WordPress environment, offering a high degree of functionality and flexibility. It's designed for users who need to go beyond basic forms and create interactive, dynamic systems that streamline and enhance data handling directly on their WordPress site.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Integration with WooCommerce for e-commerce solutions
  • Advanced calculations for quotes and estimates
  • Conditional logic for dynamic forms
  • Visual styler for form customization

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful for creating complex forms
  • Capable of transforming entries into listings, directories, and more


  • Steeper learning curve for non-technical users
  • Higher cost due to advanced features

Best Use-Case Scenarios

Ideal for businesses that require detailed forms, such as loan calculators, job boards, or any scenario where form submissions turn into front-end content.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is celebrated in the WordPress community for its steadfast reliability and extensive array of features, firmly positioning it as a top contender for the accolade of the best WordPress form builder. This plugin is the embodiment of a full-featured form solution, delivering a rich toolkit that caters to a broad spectrum of form-related needs. It's the go-to choice for WordPress professionals who demand a dependable and versatile form builder that can tackle everything from simple contact forms to complex, multi-layered online forms with ease. (Spoiler: This one is our favorite!)

Key Features

  • Over 30 ready-to-use form fields
  • Conditional logic for form personalization
  • Email notifications upon form submission
  • File uploads and content submissions by users
  • Integration with a variety of third-party services

Pros and Cons



  • No free version available
  • Can be expensive for multiple sites

Best Use-Case Scenarios

Perfect for developers and professionals who need a high level of customization and are willing to invest in a premium form solution.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the venerable giants among WordPress form plugins, boasting a long history and a vast number of downloads from the WordPress repository. This plugin has become a fundamental tool for countless WordPress users, praised for its straightforward approach and reliable performance. It's a testament to the enduring value of simplicity and effectiveness in the digital toolset of WordPress site owners, providing a no-frills, solid foundation for creating and managing contact forms with ease.

Key Features

  • Customizable HTML for form fields
  • CAPTCHA and Akismet for spam filtering
  • A vast array of third-party extensions
  • Free to use

Pros and Cons


  • Completely free with extensive documentation
  • Highly customizable for those comfortable with HTML


  • Interface is not as user-friendly as others
  • Lacks a drag-and-drop form builder, making it less intuitive

Best Use-Case Scenarios

Contact Form 7 is ideal for individual bloggers or small businesses looking for a no-cost form solution that covers the basics without the need for advanced features.

Jetpack Contact Form

Jetpack Contact Form is part of a comprehensive package that enhances the security, performance, and administration of WordPress sites. This plugin is particularly known for its straightforward contact form feature, which adds to Jetpack's appeal by providing a simple yet effective way for site owners to connect with their audience. It's an all-in-one solution for WordPress users who prioritize ease of use without compromising on the essential functionalities that keep their sites robust and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and include in posts and pages
  • Email notifications for new submissions
  • Basic form fields like name, email, message, and more
  • Spam filtering with Akismet

Pros and Cons


  • Integrated with the Jetpack plugin, providing additional site management features
  • User-friendly for beginners


  • Limited customization options compared to standalone form builder plugins
  • Reliant on Jetpack subscription for advanced features

Best Use-Case Scenarios

A solid option for those who already use Jetpack for their WordPress site and need a simple contact form without complex form-building requirements.


HubSpot's Form builder transcends the typical contact form functionality, presenting a holistic suite of marketing tools that cater to a broad spectrum of business needs. This includes powerful CRM capabilities and comprehensive email marketing functionalities. It's an all-encompassing solution for WordPress users looking to amplify their marketing efforts directly from their website, ensuring every form filled is a step towards a more profound customer relationship and engagement.

Key Features

  • Built-in analytics and contact database
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder
  • Live chat and automated chatbot functionalities
  • Email marketing integration

Pros and Cons



  • Can be overkill for users who only want a form plugin
  • Steeper learning curve due to its extensive features

Best Use-Case Scenarios

Best for businesses that are looking to streamline their marketing efforts directly from their WordPress site, going beyond simple form submission to lead management. We also did a comparison article a while back to compare HubSpot to WordPress if you're interested in comparing those! 

Looking Forward

These builder plugins represent the pinnacle of what the WordPress ecosystem offers when it comes to creating and managing forms. Each has its unique strengths and ideal use cases, from creating simple forms to managing complex form builder workflows. As you consider which is the best wordpress form builder plugin for your needs, weigh the ease of creating online forms, the depth of features, and the level of support you require.

Stay tuned as we continue to evaluate and provide insights on the remaining plugins, ensuring you can pick the best WordPress form plugin for your website. Whether you're crafting a user registration form, setting up a payment form, or just need a simple contact form, there’s a solution out there for you. And remember, if you’re looking to save time and ensure quality, Zealous Sites is here to integrate the perfect form solution into your WordPress site.

Pick the Best WordPress Form Plugin

As we've journeyed through the intricacies of some of the best WordPress form builder plugins, it's evident that the "best" is not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a subjective choice based on specific needs, skills, and circumstances.

Summary of Insights Gathered from the Comparison

  • Formidable Forms excels for users who require complex forms and wish to use form data in innovative ways.
  • Gravity Forms is the go-to for developers and site managers in need of a robust and customizable form solution.
  • Contact Form 7 is the tried-and-true option for those who want a free, straightforward plugin and don't shy away from HTML.
  • Jetpack Contact Form offers a balance of functionality and simplicity, integrated within a suite of site management tools.
  • HubSpot stands out for businesses seeking to integrate forms with broader marketing and CRM strategies.

Which One Does Zealous Sites Use?

Gravity Forms. We use and have used Gravity Forms on nearly every WordPress website created in the past 10 years. It's gone through some good and bad times, but it's consistently a staple in our toolkit. We then use the HubSpot WordPress plugin to connect their CRM to the Gravity Forms plugin. This lets us use the best of both. Formidable Forms is looking really good lately though. Contact Forms 7 and Jetpack are a hard pass from us though. Our customers deserve the best and neither of those is it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are WordPress form builder plugins and why are they important? Form builder plugins for WordPress allow users to create various forms for their websites, such as contact forms, surveys, and order forms. They're important because they facilitate user engagement and accurate data collection, are customizable, can integrate with other tools, and save time by providing easy-to-use interfaces for form creation.

  2. Can I use these form plugins if I have no coding experience? Yes, many form builder plugins, like Gravity Forms and HubSpot, provide user-friendly, drag-and-drop interfaces that require no coding experience. Plugins like Contact Form 7 might require some HTML knowledge for customization.

  3. Are there free WordPress form builder plugins available? Yes, Contact Form 7 is a popular free option. It is highly customizable for those comfortable with HTML and comes with extensive documentation.

  4. Do WordPress form plugins integrate with e-commerce platforms? Yes, plugins like Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms offer integration with WooCommerce, allowing for seamless e-commerce solutions within your WordPress site.

  5. What should I look for when choosing a form plugin for my WordPress site? Consider ease of use, features, integrations with other services, support, and whether the plugin suits your specific form needs, such as simplicity or complexity, and your budget.

  6. Can I build complex, multi-step forms with these plugins? Yes, plugins like Formidable Forms and Gravity Forms are ideal for creating complex, multi-step forms due to their advanced features and customization options.

  7. Is customer support readily available for these form plugins? Yes, most premium form plugins offer robust customer support and extensive documentation. Gravity Forms, for instance, has a strong community and support resources.

  8. Will these form plugins slow down my website? While any plugin can potentially affect website performance, most form plugins are designed to be efficient. It's important to keep them updated and to monitor your site's performance after installation.

  9. How do I know if a form plugin is secure? Look for plugins that are regularly updated, have a good reputation within the WordPress community, and include security features such as CAPTCHA or spam filtering, like those found in Contact Form 7 and Jetpack Contact Form.

  10. Can I use these form plugins to create forms for non-WordPress sites? No, these form plugins are specifically designed for WordPress and cannot be used on other platforms directly. However, some services like HubSpot offer separate tools that can be used on different website platforms.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose the Right Plugin Based on Specific Needs

When determining the best wordpress form builder plugin for your WordPress site, consider the following:

  • Simplicity vs. Complexity: If you need a quick and easy contact form, a plugin like Jetpack Contact Form might suffice. But if you're looking to create multi-step forms or conversational forms, something like Formidable Forms or Gravity Forms might be more appropriate.

  • Integration Needs: If your focus is on marketing and sales, a plugin like HubSpot that offers CRM and email marketing might be beneficial. For e-commerce integrations, Gravity Forms or Formidable Forms with WooCommerce support would be ideal.

  • Budget Considerations: While Contact Form 7 is free, plugins like Gravity Forms require an investment. Evaluate the ROI based on the functionalities you need.

  • Support and Community: The availability of help when you need it cannot be understated. Plugins like Gravity Forms have a significant community and extensive support resources, which can be invaluable for complex site integrations.

  • Future-Proofing: Choose a plugin that not only meets your current needs but can scale with your business. If you anticipate your forms becoming more intricate over time, opt for a plugin with advanced capabilities.

In conclusion, the best wordpress form plugin is the one that aligns with your workflow, enhances your site’s functionality, and offers your visitors a seamless experience. It should empower you to create forms that serve your specific objectives, whether that's lead generation, customer feedback, or online sales.

Remember that these form builders are tools to serve your strategic goals, and while the choice may seem daunting, the right solution is out there. And if you're looking for expertise to guide you through implementation, customization, or just want to hand off the task entirely, Zealous Sites is ready to bring your form vision to life with precision and efficiency.

What are your thoughts or experiences with these wordpress form builder plugins? Share your insights or questions below and let's discuss the best ways to harness the power of forms on your WordPress site. If you found this guide helpful, pass it along to someone who could benefit from these insights. Together, let's pick the best wordpress form builder plugins that elevate our online presence and drive our digital success.

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