Long-Lasting Elegance: The Case Goods Refinishing Journey

In 2005, a master woodworker named Chris Wratten embarked on a venture named Christophers Woodworks, aiming to provide customers with high-end, custom-designed woodwork. The business initially flourished in the Virginia Beach oceanfront market, catering to a variety of clientele with a penchant for quality and craftsmanship. However, the vision extended beyond just custom woodwork. A pivotal turn was on the horizon, which would not only rebrand the essence of the enterprise but also redefine its service spectrum.

As the demand for commercial touch-up services among hotels surged, Chris joined forces with Robert Wallis. Robert, holding the reins as the "Director of Sales and Operations" until 2022, contributed his acumen to the venture, steering it into a realm that transcended the local market. This collaboration marked the genesis of a commercial touch-up division, a precursor to what would soon evolve into Case Goods Refinishing (CGR). Under their collaborative aegis, the company burgeoned, stretching its wings into the mid-Atlantic region and honing a unique service palette tailored for the hotel industry.

The evolution didn't just stop at expanding the geographical footprint; it was about refining an ethos centered around quality, affordability, and environmental responsibility. The transition from Christophers Woodworks to Case Goods Refinishing was not merely a change of name, but a metamorphosis that resonated with a profound understanding of the industry's needs and a vision to cater to them proficiently.

Early Years and Evolution (2005-2015)


Cultivating a Unique Refinishing Process

The nascent years of Case Goods Refinishing saw a relentless pursuit of refining techniques and products that would later become the hallmark of the company. It was a period of rigorous experimentation, learning, and eventual mastery that culminated in a unique refinishing process unparalleled in the industry.

The ethos of Case Goods Refinishing was clear – to provide like-new, long-term refinishing work at a fraction of the replacement cost. This ethos was embedded in the innovative, environmentally friendly, and odorless coatings used in the refinishing process, setting CGR apart from the competition. The rapid room turnaround and other processes refined over the years demonstrated a nuanced understanding of the hotel industry's operational dynamics, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

  • Environmentally Friendly Solutions: CGR's commitment to green solutions was epitomized in their use of odorless coatings and Greenguard-certified products for indoor air quality.
  • Rapid Room Turnaround: The promise of returning rooms to inventory the same day was a testament to CGR's operational efficiency and customer-centric approach.
  • On-Site, In-Room Refinishing: CGR's method of on-site, in-room refinishing ensured quality craftsmanship that cleaned, refreshed, and protected furniture right in the room.

These initial years were about laying a robust foundation that would support the exponential growth witnessed in the subsequent years. Every challenge faced was a lesson learned, every milestone achieved was a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence that defined the ethos of Case Goods Refinishing.

This part of the post provides a glimpse into the inception and evolution of CGR, setting the stage for the exploration of its digital journey and the pivotal role of email marketing in the following sections.

Digital Presence Initiation (2016-2021)


Treading the Digital Terrain

The period from 2016 to 2021 marked a significant phase in CGR's digital journey. The initial digital footprint was modest, but a consistent upward trajectory was evident as the years progressed. The endeavor to establish a robust online presence was not merely about marking digital territory but creating a platform that mirrored the ethos and quality of service CGR stood for.

  • Yearly Growth: The percentage increase in page views year over year highlighted the growing digital engagement and the widening reach of CGR online.
  • Engagement Metrics: The gradual rise in digital engagement metrics underscored the effectiveness of the digital strategies deployed.

This phase set the tone for more aggressive digital marketing strategies that would be implemented in the subsequent year, aimed at catapulting CGR's online presence to a wider audience and establishing it as a leader in the refinishing industry online.


Engagement with Email Marketing Specialist (2022)

Bolstering Digital Outreach

In 2022, a strategic decision was made to further enhance CGR's digital footprint by engaging an email marketing specialist (Zealous Sites). The objective was clear - to effectively reach a broader audience and elucidate the benefits of Case Goods Refinishing unique refinishing services.

  • Hiring Objective: Detailing the goals behind the email marketing initiative.
  • Target Audience Engagement: Strategies to engage the target audience and convey CGR's value proposition.

This step marked a significant stride towards robust digital marketing, setting the premise for a remarkable increase in digital engagement and page views. In fact, they saw an increase of over 53-fold from 2016 to 2022 and 10-fold from 2020 to 2022.

Email Marketing Implementation and Impact (2022)

Amplifying Online Visibility

The deployment of email marketing strategies in 2022 was aimed at aligning with CGR’s broader goals of amplifying online visibility and engagement.

  • Strategies Deployed: An outline of the key email marketing strategies implemented.
  • Impact Analysis: A discussion on the notable percentage increase in page views in 2022, showcasing the efficacy of the email marketing initiative.

The synergistic effect of the email marketing efforts significantly contributed to boosting CGR's online presence, showcasing the potential of targeted digital marketing in advancing the business's digital engagement frontier.

Elevating Craftsmanship: The Horizon and Beyond

A Narrative of Growth and Expansion

The narrative of Case Goods Refinishing is one of continuous growth, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Today, their reputable services extend to hotels all across the United States, from the sunny coasts of California and the scenic realms of the Pacific Northwest to the historic heartlands of New England and the bustling hubs in the North East. This journey from a local venture to a nationally recognized name in the refinishing business encapsulates the essence of dedication, quality service delivery, and the impactful role of digital marketing in navigating the modern business landscape.

Harnessing Digital Synergy with Zealous Sites

In the digital realm, a robust partnership is paramount to navigate the complex landscape of virtual marketplaces. I, Marcus, have had the privilege of steering the digital helm for Case Goods Refinishing since 2013 through Zealous Sites. From constructing the foundational website to its continuous evolution, and orchestrating targeted email marketing strategies, I have been at the forefront of amplifying CGR's digital narrative.

Now, as the primary project manager, the sole developer, and email marketer at Zealous Sites, I continue to explore new vistas of digital engagement to fortify CGR's online presence.

If you'd like to see success like that of Case Goods Refinishing or any of our other case studies, consider partnering with Zealous Sites. We are far from the only step you'll need to take, but we have proven to be an important step in the journey. 

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